Ours is a story made up of people, starting with a question:

"How do Italians love coffee?"

Having a tour of Italy

ilcaffeitaliano.com is the tale of an ideal route through Italy. From North to South, we draw a map of the nuances of flavour loved by the Italians when they taste a good coffee. A virtual itinerary of young entrepreneurs who make coffee the Italy flag and the praise of its diversity.

"How do Italians love coffee?"

A sensory journey inspired by the refined and rigorous elegance of Trieste, encouraged by the magical and inimitable uniqueness of Venezia, seduced by the polite and mysterious composure of Torino, it interprets the evocative richness of Firenze, exalts the thousand faces and the vibrant pride of Roma and evokes the genuine brightness of Napoli.

These are the stages of our journey and the tasteful notes of our coffees. These are the items we have collected that prove the passion with which we prepare our coffee.

Who did this journey?

Gianmarco Lanese
Vincenzo Nicolosi
Paolo Vita
Domenico Gravagno

“Our journey ends in Messina where we meet the oldest family of coffee roasters in Italy”

The creation of the product

Havin a tour in Italy we understood that in each place, culture and traditions of Italians involve different tastes. We needed some help to create high quality coffee blends. Who better than the oldest family of coffee roaster in Italy could support us in our ambitious project?

Immediately with Francesco and Antonio Barbera we set to work to transfer all the experiences gathered on our journey. After months of hard work we finally created Napoli, Venezia, Firenze, Torino, Roma and Palermo. All very high quality coffee blends born from the taste and passion of the Italians, our passion and the centenary experience of the Barbera family. To date, our coffees have delighted over 100,000 Italians and more than 300,000 people all over the world.