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Lavazza is always the undisputed leader of coffee machines. In particular, with Espresso Point it has managed to combine simplicity of use with the pleasure of the authentic bar espresso. Insert the Espresso Point compatible pod, press the key and voilà, your espresso is ready in a few minutes.

This immediacy in use and the speed with which it manages to transform the pod contents into an excellent coffee, have made Espresso Point the ideal coffee machine for offices and small-medium businesses that want to grant to their employees a high quality coffee during a relaxing break.

The Espresso Point compatible capsules proposed by Il Caffè Italiano are among the most convenient ones you can find on the market. The price per pod is even lower than the one of the bar espresso, and this makes it not to be too expensive on company expenses and balance, the Espresso Point compatible capsules choice is also less costly than a coffee vending machine rental.