1.What is “ilcaffeitaliano”?
It’s a website to buy coffee online, with delivery service.
2.How to buy?
Buy is simple and quick, choose between our available articles in our online catalogue, ad your products to chart, once you have finished your purchase, display your articles. After the confirmation of your order, pay directly online and choose date and time to receive your compatible capsules directly at home.
3.What are the delivery times?
Orders are shipped by Frhome S.r.l. from Monday to Friday. Orders made during the weekend will be carried out starting from the next Monday morning. Shipments, except different agreements, will be delivered through transportes chosen by Il Caffè Italiano.
4.Is there a minimum of purchase?
No, you can buy all the compatible capsules “Il Caffé Italiano” you want.
5.Which is the payment method?
The payment is done online with Credit card, Postepay or with account Pay Pal. Security is ensured by the online payment system Pay Pal, your financial information remain protected. Data related with Credit card and bank account will never be shared with “Il Caffé Italiano” and you will be fully protected from unauthorized payments from your bank account. Is also possible to pay with a prepaid card. Availability on credit card must cover the entire amount of the purchase.
6.What is “My Area”?
“My Area” is a personal area dedicated to you, where is possible to manage your personal data, your orders and your shipments.
7.How can i protect my privacy?
““Ilcaffeitaliano” guarantees the confidentiality of the information given at the registration (also check: “Privacy Statement”).
8.I changed my e-mail, what should i do?
After you have logged in with your old e-mail, you can enter your new e-mail in the field “My area” – “Change personal information”. Remember that your new e-mail will be necessary for your next log-in.
9.What can i do if i forget my password?
If you don’t remember your password, click on “did you forget your password”? in the field “Enter”. In a few minutes you will receive an e-mail with the instructions in order to enter a new password.
10.Can i unsubscribe from the website?
Yes is possible unsubscribe in every moment, sending an e-mail to “info@ilcaffeitaliano.com, as subject you should put “deleting user”, specifying the mail you are registered with. Your user will be permanetely deleted from the list of “Ilcaffeitaliano”; in order to buy again the products you need to make a new subscription.
11.What happen if i’m not at home when products arrive?
For the delivery, at the specified address, your presence or a person you indicated is needed.
12.Why the packaging of the capsules are swollen?
Because we rely on modified atmosphere packaging, which consist in the insertion of a mixture of gases (mainly nitrogen) inside the sachet, ensuring better preservation of the product.
13.May I request the invoice of my order?
Yes, it is possible to request the invoice during the purchasing process, ticking the specific box. It won’t be possible to request the invoice once the order will be already done.