Can you enjoy genuine, superior espresso without spending a fortune? Yes! With capsules? Yes!
Authentic, superior Espresso
The first step is sourcing ingredients of the very highest quality. That’s why we only select the finest blends from Italy’s oldest roasters. Consequently, it’s no surprise that we sealed our very first partnership deal with Italy’s oldest roasting family: Caffè Barbera of Messina.
We've invested in coffee capsule packaging processes and know-how. As we honed our skills, we moved on from simply selecting coffee and got involved in the creation of blends so that we could meet the quality targets that we’d set for ourselves.
At the right price.
Superior coffee is used and great attention to detail is shown in the capsule packaging process. How do we get it to your house without having to charge you a fortune? Quite simply, IlCaffèItaliano has done away with the overheads typically associated with big companies:
This is possible thanks to:
  • A streamlined business structure
  • No information asymmetry.
  • High inventory turnover, resulting in lower storage costs.
  • No middlemen
  • Limited distribution channels.