Filter Jug


2.4L water filter jug, reduces chlorine, limescale and metals with electronic Memo device for filter change for filtered water better to drink and reduce disposable plastic



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Compact design, suitable for refrigerator door with 1.4L capacity for filtered water and 2.4L total capacity, dishwasher safe (lid excluded), filling by removing the lid;

Includes the 'PerfectFit' system for optimal filtration guaranteed with the BRITA MAXTRA + filter;

Fresh tasting filtered water with no disposable plastic bottles to throw away and for only a few cents per liter;

BRITA Memo electronic device that reminds you when to replace the MAXTRA + filter;

Active carbons of natural origin reduce chlorine and other organic impurities by improving the taste and smell of drinking water, food and beverages prepared with BRITA filtered water;

Ion exchange resins reduce metals such as lead and copper and reduce limescale, protecting household appliances from residue build-up

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