Cannolo Chocolate

Dolci siciliani
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King of the Sicilian confectionery tradition, his majesty the cannolo marries the crunchiness of the outer rind, handcrafted piece by piece to the sweetness of the internal stuffing made with the highest quality ingredients of Sicilian origin.

The dark cream based on dark cocoa gives contrasting shades of flavours.

The cannoli are shipped in a kit of 8 pieces in a pvc-save-freshness package to preserve the product from dehydration and deterioration.

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Uno spettacolo!!!!!!. Sembra appena uscito dalla pasticceria
Cannoli molto buoni vanno tenuti al fresco
Buonissimi. La prima volta che li ho assaggiati mi sono stati mandati come omaggio e non ho potuto fare a meno di acquistarli