Water filter for Carafe


Pack of 3 water filters for filter jugs

3   Filters


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Filters reduce chlorine, limescale and metals for better drinking filtered water and reduce single-use plastics



• Suitable for all BRITA water filter jugs with MAXTRA or MAXTRA + technology;

• Fresh tasting filtered water without disposable plastic bottles to throw away and for only a few cents per liter;

• Pack of 3 filters for 3 months of filtration;

• Active carbons of natural origin reduce chlorine and other organic impurities by improving the taste and smell of drinking water, food and beverages prepared with filtered water;

• Ion exchange resins reduce metals such as lead and copper and reduce limescale, protecting household appliances from the formation of residues;

• Ideal for drinking water, for cooking and preparing better tasting hot drinks;

• Thanks to limescale reduction, you can also use BRITA filtered water to protect your appliances from limescale build-up;

• Includes 3 x MAXTRA + filters

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