Trieste Intensità 9

Compatibile Nespresso®*

80% Arabica 20% Robusta

Trieste Intensità 9

Compatibile Nespresso®*

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Compatible Capsules Nespresso Trieste: a tribute to the Italian Coffee

Trieste blend in compatible capsules Nespresso®* is dominated by the elegant personality of the Arabic quality. This is strengthened by the intensity of the Strong flavour; whose result is a forceful and aromatic espresso.

The beans, coming from Latin America and India, in your cup explode in fruity aromas and light nuances of chocolate and honey.

In the cup, Trieste coffee presents a refined flavour distinguishing thanks to its body and its elegance with a lasting aftertaste of depth.

Trieste coffee is the choice of anyone preferring a coffee with a strong and aromatic intensity.