Terms and Conditions

This section is dedicated to deepen general conditions governing the sale on the site www.ilcaffèitaliano.it

The website www.ilcaffèitaliano.it in use of Frhome Srl , Headquartered in C.so di Porta Romana, 6 – 20100 Milano, tax code and registration with the Register of Companies of Bari n. 56035, P. IVA 07481320724 is dedicated to retail coffee.

All terms of sale, payment and delivery are listed in detail in the various sections of the site www.ilcaffèitaliano.it and are considered integral and essential part of this contract.

All contracts stipulated through this site www.ilcaffèitaliano.it are regulated by the following General Terms and Conditions that are an integral part of any proposal, order and order purchase and delivery confirmation of products sponsored on the site.

We invite you, therefore, to read carefully the conditions set out below and in print and / or save them in another durable medium of your choice.

The General Conditions of Contract are arranged into the following sections:

  1. definitions
  2. scope of applications – effects
  3. contractual formalization
  4. delivery methods
  5. prices
  6. responsability of Frhome S.r.l.
  7. obligations of the customer
  8. right of withdrawal
  9. damaged products
  10. payment methods
  11. disputes
  12. Privacy
  13. Invoice



  • “General Conditions”: all the conditions applicable to the contractual relationship between the company Frhome Ltd. and the “customer”, through the website www.ilcaffèitaliano.it
  • Frhome s.r.l. is the company that wants to sale online food and non-food products belonging to its assortment.
  • “Products”:
    are all products and / or goods marketed by the company Frhome Ltd. through the web “www.ilcaffèitaliano.it” and part of its range. The description of the products is prepared on the basis of information provided by the manufacturer. The delivered products may differ from the images displayed on the site www.ilcaffèitaliano.it in case the manufacturer have changed the packaging and then not for reasons belonging to Frhome srl.
    Frhome LTD is responsible regarding the eligibility, compliance, product integrity and in relation to the characteristics of the services provided (order, payment, delivery).
    On the site www.ilcaffèitaliano.it products are not sold in variable weight, but only affordable products for packaging unit and multiples thereof. For this reason the valid weight of purchased product is specifically indicated on the package directly from the manufacturer.
  • “Client”: is the purchaser of the products, whether natural or legal person.
  • “Pubblic offers”: all products and prices on this website www.ilcaffèitaliano.it constitute an offer to the public with the limitations and procedures contained in the site and in the general conditions of sale.
  • “Special offers”: are the sales of the company Frhome Ltd., for all or part of products and for limited periods of time, with a discount on the normal selling price.
  • “Occasions”: are occasional sales of some products at particularly favorable prices sold in assortment to other products purchased.
  • “Purchase”: is the purchase order with delivery of products in the days after the order is issued by the customer to the company Frhome Ltd. through the site www.ilcaffèitaliano.it.
  • “Place of delivery”: the address where the “customer” wants to receive the delivery of the products, within “zones served” by the company Frhome srl.
  • “Areas served”: areas where can be delivered the product purchased on the web www.ilcaffeitaliano.com.
  • “Transport product document”: the sheet containing a detailed list of products purchased and delivered.
  • “Delivery time”: time interval within which the company Frhome Ltd. will deliver the “products”.
  • “Booking deadline”: time limit within which you can make the ‘Purchase Order and delivery for the time period of delivery chosen by the customer from those available.



  • The General Conditions are an integral part of any proposal, order and purchase order confirmation of purchase of products sold by the company Frhome Ltd., effective on the date of the order.



  • All purchase orders sent to the company Frhome srl, must contain the elements necessary for the precise identification of the products ordered, the customer and the place of delivery of the products.
  • The purchase order forwarded to the company Frhome Ltd. counts as the customer’s contract proposal.
  • The order confirmation from the company Frhome srl, transmitted to the customer at the email address that he indicate, confirms order details and counts as acceptance of contract proposal.
  • The contract is concluded, and is binding for both parties, when the order confirmation is sent to the customer.



  • The company Frhome srl: takes care of the delivery of the products selected and ordered by the customer in the manner referred to the preceding article, by its own means or by courier and / or forwarding agents.
  • Delivery is made to the address specified in the order indicated that may be different from the customer.
  • The customer who want to change the delivery address of the goods after having forwarded the order, can contact Customer Service at (+39) 334 7559766 or by e-mail to customer@ilcaffeitaliano.it, specifying the change, the request will be accepted if the order has not yet been processed.
  • Delivery of products is subject to the payment by the customer, the relative price and costs where required, with the mode chosen from those made available by Frhome srl.
  • Frhome S.r.l. Delivers the order only in areas – cities specified in the Site. The order will be delivered in the day stated at the time of the order and the order confirmation. The delivery service is guaranteed only for homes reached by the means of transport provided in Frhome S.r.l. (excluding houses that are reachable only via dirty roads, pedestrian areas, restricted traffic zone in the closing hours for transit, roads or private complex). The delivery of the Goods are carried out on the floor of the house number of the recipient if the building has a lift. In the case of stable does not have a lift the delivery of the goods will be done at the ground floor. The delivery guy must be enabled to quickly and easily deliver the goods, in order not to affect the operations of successive deliveries. The Customer agrees that the employee may desist from delivery if, after 10 minutes from the notification to the recipient (eg. Via intercom, phone), to another person or expected, also, the caretaker of the building, no one is presented to receive materially the delivery. In this case, the fact will be equated to the absence of the addressee. If the recipient is an entrepreneur or a professional delivery refers to the person who carried out, from the address of a recipient, appears entitled to receive. For organizational and efficiency of the service, the expense must be verified and checked by the customer upon delivery. We will not accept claims after the delivery confirmation (signature for acceptance). For any anomaly will have to give immediate notice to the consignee who will take note of the anomaly. The Frhome S.r.l. will, later (60 days), to make the refund of part of the goods in dispute. Frhome S.r.l. shall not be liable for any delays that have occurred during transport. Likewise Frhome S.r.l. will not be liable for any loss, damage, or failure to delivery caused by events and / or force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, such as a guide but not limited to: natural disasters, adverse weather conditions (such as heavy snowfalls) , any strikes (of their own or other employees), transportation accidents, explosions, or any other cause, whether similar or different.



  • All sale prices in the site are in €.
  • Product prices are inclusive of VAT and all other taxes.
  • Prices of individual products listed on the site, cancel and replace the previous.
  • The prices charged are those shown on the site at the time of the purchase order from the customer that they can not be subject to any increase and / or decrease in price for any event possibly occurred after the conclusion of the purchase.



  • Frhome S.r.l. assumes no responsibility regarding the use the customer intends to make of the goods purchased. If the goods were “defective” or non-delivery by the carrier the only burden of Frhome S.r.l. will be its replacement or alternatively refund of the amount paid. In no event Frhome S.r.l. will be held responsible for loss of earnings of the customer.
  • Frhome S.r.l. assumes no liability for disruptions caused by force majeure of any kind, if not able to implement within the agreed time.
  • Are due to force majeure, for example, the strike carriers the Frhome S.r.l. uses, and any other circumstance which is beyond the control of the seller.



  • The Customer undertakes, once the purchase process online is finished, to press and conserve these General Conditions of Contract.
  • The information contained in the General Conditions of Contract be read and accepted by the client before sending the purchase order, this in order to satisfy the condition of Articles. 3 and 4 of D. Law. n.185 / 1999. Acceptance is by marking the proper space on the site.



  • The customer who wishes to cancel the order, can contact Customer Service (+39) 334 7559766 in the contact section, by e-mail and ask for a cancellation, the request will be accepted if the order has not yet been processed.
  • The customer who for whatever reason is not satisfied with the purchase, has the right to terminate the contract and return the product without any penalty and without specifying the reason, no later than 14 days from receipt of product.
  • The right of withdrawal must be exercised by the customer, by sending: e-mail, fax, or by sending a registered letter to: Frhome S.r.l., within ten working days of receipt of goods.
  • If the withdrawal is carried out in compliance with the above conditions, the amount paid for the products and the delivery costs will be refunded to the customer through: bank transfer or check. The refund will be made as soon as possible, and in any case within 30 days from the date on which Frhome S.r.l. is aware of the notice of withdrawal by the customer.
  • Returned items must be received by Frhome Ltd. service srl within 30 days from delivery date.
  • Returned products must be returned intact, in the original package.
  • The only costs charged to the customer for the exercise of the right of withdrawal are those incurred for the return of products to Frhome srl.



  • The customer has the right to return and ask for the replacement of the goods in the event of their possible damage during transport. This right must be exercised by the customer, a penalty of loss within two days of receipt, by contacting Customer Service (+39) 334 7559766. Frhome S.r.l. will not be in any way responsible for the temporary or permanent unavailability of one or more ‘products. In the case of temporary unavailability of the products ordered and paid, Frhome S.r.l. will undertake to reimburse the customer for the corresponding value.



  • Frhome S.r.l. provides a single method of payment: online via PayPal or credit cards listed on the site. Payment can be made using one credit card that can cover the full amount of the order.



  • Any dispute regarding the application, implementation, and breach of the online contract by the customer with Frhome S.r.l., is subject to the Italian jurisdiction.
  • Any dispute between the parties belongs to the competent court of the place of residence or domicile of the customer, if located in Italian territory.
  • If the customer’s home or his residence is not within the Italian territory, the jurisdiction is the one of execution of the contract.



  • Frhome S.r.l. process the customer’s personal data in compliance with legislation on privacy as specified in detail in the information in the “Privacy”.


  • In the case of a client requests the invoice shall be given at the time of purchase by mail and has to be sent from the “contact us” as indicated in the DPR n of 26/10/1972. 633 – art.22.


Contracts entered online by the customer with Frhome S.r.l.. are governed by Italian law
Although not expressly provided, apply the rules of law applicable to relationships and the cases provided in the online contract signed by the customer with Frhome srl. The customer declares to have read and accepted expressly and in particular the following clauses of the General Conditions of contract:

6. Liability of Frhome s.r.l. .; 8. Right to withdraw; 10. Damaged products; 11. Disputes.

For communications provided in the General Conditions of Contract, the customer can contact Frhome S.r.l.. in the following ways:

e-mail: customer@ilcaffeitaliano.it
Cel. (+39) 334 7559766
Or see the dedicated field: CONTATTI